The Apex Photo Studio is a 3600 sq/ft. blacked-out shooting area featuring a constant lit, 10′x30′ Chimera lightbank pumping out 12,000 watts of light in a 35’x45’, 3-wall “infinite white” cyclorama. To increase the usability and efficiency of the studio, there is power both at ground level and above with the capability to power and mount your own lights in place of our in-house lights including switching internal bank lights (See Rates and Services). To assist in automotive shoots, our set of GoJaks makes it incredibly easy for even just one person to maneuver a car to an exact position. For warmer days we’ve equipped the studio with a Port-a-Cool unit to make your shoots more comfortable for the both the clients and the photographers.

The workspace is located within a 20,000 sq/ft warehouse, in a private, curtained-off studio. Additional amenities include a changing room, bathroom, and covered loading area. Complimented with a full-size rollup door and tons of parking, the Apex Photo Studio is adaptable and ready to accommodate your production.

Lighting and Power

The studio is equipped with state-of-the-art power and lighting equipment for whatever your creativity requires. The full-sized 10’x30’ Chimera F2X lightbank with 12,000 watts of constant lighting is height and tilt-adjustable. The flexibility of the lightbank will suit the size of most medium to large scale projects. In addition to the lightbank, we also offer 9,000 watts of overhead lighting to illuminate the cyclorama wall.

The power feeding our in-house lights can be adapted to use other lighting units. The studio is equipped for over 300 amps of total power at both 120v and 240v outlets. Additional hourly fee for studio modifications may apply. See Rates and Services for more information.

The Easiest Setup Ever